Tips for a Happy life

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We all dream of living a life in a more comfortable manner and we try different ways to keep ourselves occupied.  Think of a leisure time activity that you love doing; assuming it’s reading books, have you noticed how happy you get when you finish reading a book or for a cricket lover to be able to the national team or a hardworking student to be batch top? We all have different aims and goals for life that makes us happy. There are things we enjoy doing on an everyday basis, things we have dreamt for so long and waited for to happen and also things that we cannot go a day without doing.

There are so many people who talks about being positive about everything and surrounding themselves with positive people to make sure that always mingle in with good vibes. Also there are certain who believe in being faithful in god and believing in themselves; that will shower them with happiness. Some strongly believe that happiness belongs to honest and hardworking but however when you think through there are few core areas to touch on how to lead a happy life. Let me give you all 2 main tips for a good life.

Follow your passion

First thing to do in life is to do what you strongly and deeply love. If you always see yourself on the spotlight, singing , dancing or even performing any art then keep everything else aside and do what you strongly believe in but always keep a backup plan. You might want to get in to the entertainment industry and be a good actor but chances are that this industry could be quite competitive and always have a plan B, what if you fail at it? Then where will you go and what will you do? It will definitely help to keep you happy as you will never feel disappointed for taking your chances and risks for you always had something else backing you up.

Know your priorities

In life, we go through different ages and at each our priorities in life may vary. When you are n college and high school, your priority should ideally be to be good in your academic performance and alongside if you have any other plans, you can practise them. Then when you move to the stage after higher education, you may end up giving priority to your job but one thing you need to know is job is not everything. It’s quite essential for your survival but keeping a good balance between family and the rest of the duties could be the toughest things to do but if you find the perfect formula that works for you, your life can be nothing else other than a happy land.

These are some of the great ways that you can practise in life to make your life from sorrow to happy or from happy to happier.