Switch your hobby to a good venture

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This article idea was inspired by a story that happened with one of my classmates back in college. This friend of mine love stitching and sewing things, there were times that even the rest of the girls in the class made fun out of her saying ‘granny’ for taking out some piece of cloth and stitching all the time. She used to make wall hangers, mirror frames, vanity cases and even pencil cases. In our school we had several student formed companies where we had to come up with our own business plan, a name for the business and launch out a product to market which is the students inside school and outer audience and bring in profits. Basically the whole financial book keeping and statement preparation was in the hand of the board members that consisted with several finance, marketing, production and human resource directors.

This girl, who was in my company, came up with the idea of selling pencil cases with different new material. Immediately after her suggestion, the whole board and the members unanimously agreed as we all sort of loved the thought of having matching pencil cases, bags that carried our school colours and some that are customized. This turned out to be a great business plan and I’m quite happy to say at the end of the year, we became the best company that had the most amounts of profits. Since then all the classmates were suggesting her to try doing an actual business with it and she ended up providing her pencil cases and bags to two of the most popular shops in the country.

Finally after three years of selling her different products in other shops, she launched a business of her own that had all the different items created from a variety of designs. This started out quite simple being her hobby that she was truly passionate about and went on for years doing the same but little that she knew that she could turn it into a business.

If I could advise one in something, the best advice I could give is, if you are good at something never give it away for free or never let it sit aside. Find as much as time possible to work on it and have different plans in life; the things that you do along the way can take different forms from the most simplest tasks to ones that require a lot of capacity and effort. However, all of these little things you do along the way can help you turn into the person you want to be. Your hobby can seem quite simple but if you are good at it and if you see demand for it, go take up a challenge because certain investments are worth it.