How to start a Business Support agency

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What comes to your head when you think of the role of a secretary? You might most probably be thinking of a person dealing with tracking appointments, scheduling calendar events of his or her reporting party, preparation of documents and maintaining confidential information. What do you recall of an office administrator in the company? Mostly a person to do the file handling, different major scanning, printing tasks of the business, dealing with employee assistance and overall working towards the smooth functioning of the company but what if I tell you that these specific roles can be replaced all from one place?

You might not believe it but it’s technically a possible outcome. The people who were in the administrative activities in the business several years ago probably had to work with few letters, typesetting, answering calls or transferring and facilitating the rest of the management team members and employees but now if you consider the level of professionalism, technical skills and experience a person in this sector requires, you’ll be amazed. This read is about how to start a business support agency that can work in order to help different other companies to carry out their administration tasks.

Services to offer

There are various services such as, telephone answering, word processing, spreadsheet designing, desktop publishing, database management, mailbox maintenance, shipping, delivery, book keeping, file handling, proof reading and the list goes on. You must see as a start what the areas that you can look out for are. If you have enough resources to provide others with multiples services like these, then why hold back? Go on and reach your audience.

Whom to target

Coming to the audience to choose on; you can either offer these to a company in business sector or hospitals or medical centre sin the healthcare sector, small businesses in the manufacturing sector, factories in food and beverage sections. There are multiple areas that you can specialize your services on and target. Depending on what you can offer, your potential clients or group of audience may vary as well.

Scale of operations

The next important thing to see is the scale of operation you can handle; whether is small, medium or larger scale corporations. If you are new to the field and have little experience and resources, I highly advice that you stick to a small scale business as it will be less risky and costly at the same time. As a beginner you may not want to fall yourself into bigger mistakes.

These are the factors to be considered and ways you can start up a business support agency in helping companies keep up with their mainstream administration activities.